We guide your teams to respect each other in the way they wish to be respected.

Allow us to help you celebrate your company/organisations people. Leave them feeling respected, honored and valued for who they are as human beings within a professional business environment. With fun and interactive processes using accelerated learning techniques, we are able to build relationship, trust, communication and conflict resolution techniques across every team, level, gender, generational gap and diverse needs of every individual.

The National Training and HR Director For MISA.

We help your people with...

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Learning outcomes and benefits of CHI

Conflict Resolution Strategy

Within 15 Minutes, learn how to resolve conflict before it becomes the typical “race card” excuse.

Team Harmony

Ensure harmony. Promote collaboration and tolerance in your organisation by using our highly fun and interactive processes.

Same Team, Better Results!

Create a succession plan where you harness talent and retain the potential effectiveness within your teams.

Improved Productivity

Ultimately build cohesive teams with positive attitude, improved productivity which will lead to increased business bottom line.

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+27 72 439 4220

+27 72 439 4220

Have a project for us?
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Owner & Co-Founder

As the Owner & Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd as well as Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd, she is a Keynote Motivational Speaker and International Facilitator of the Celebrating Humanity Programmes Transformational Teambuilding, Diversity Training, Leadership Training and Team Conflict Resolution Strategies across South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, USA, London and Hong Kong.

+27 72 439 4220


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Stunning Methodology

Exhilarating Learning Techniques (ELT) are extremely effective, uniting, fun & have a long term effect. Materials, Venue, Meals, Processes, Facilitators and Follow up form a part of the entire experience

Uniting Perspective

All programs are based in principles- “At the level of respect – all people are equal.” The programs focus on how we add to each other because of our unique knowledge, wisdom and experience.
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Skilled Facilitators

Diverse, Multi Cultural, Multi Lingual, Prepared to learn and Grow, Powerful, Respectful, Focused. Culturally & Religiously Aware. ET Specialists.

Experienced Facilitators

Client, Country, Province and Area are researched, prior to the programs. Materials and experienced facilitators are developed to be diversity aware and respectful. All process are adjusted immediately to suit clients needs.

Long Term Sustainability

Is ensued through the life-long learning and numerous follow-up processes and programs. Assessments made years after CH programs show the positive long term effect.

Celebrating Humanity Programs are Unique

The processes are designed to create positive powerful impact, by using practical role-play story telling activities that allow everybody to feel included. This holistically impacts family, social and work life.


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